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Psychology & Mental Health Fair

2022 theme:
How Sensory Art Thou?
Location: Hong Kong City Hall Exhitbtion Hall
Time: TBC

The fair aims to raise mental health awareness and psychological literacy in Hong Kong.

With emerging evidence on COVID-19’s impact on the five senses, this fair is motivated to set its themes on the human senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, intuition) to improve our understandings and provide greater support to the wider public. We hope to encourage people to use more of their senses during this difficult time to explore the world in a broader way, not to be limited by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The fair is separated into 4 main parts:

Bookfair : Psychology or mental health related book authors will set up a booth to promote their publications and share their own thoughts and experiences;


Organization booth : Psychology or mental health related organizations will rent booths to showcase their work and educate public on how and when to get help;


Workshops : Different workshops on the human senses will be set up for visitors to participate in (choices include mindfulness workshops to career workshops);


Discussion groups: Professionals in different psychology related field will deliver a short entertaining talk to the visitors, followed by a discussion session to give visitors the opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Rather than following the traditional fair setup, this fair is inspired by the artworks of several amazingly talented Hong Kong artists. Hence, we are going to exhibit their artworks in the fair to help visitors explore the relationship between arts and mental health, and how it can offer diverse and dynamic settings for expressive restorative, educational, and therapeutic benefits.

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