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School-based intervention projects

While most schools in Hong Kong seldom integrate psychology into education, this workshop aims to provide secondary school students with a taste of the subject through interactive psychological experiments and sharing from psychology undergraduates. Apart from promoting psychology as a subject, the workshop also aims at stimulating students in reflecting on their current learning styles and promote mental wellbeing amidst a competitive learning environment.

Drawing on research findings, the workshop introduces students to effective learning practices (e.g. test-retest and Protégé effect) as well as concepts such as metacognition (e.g. mnemonics, chunking and spacing). Furthermore, the sessions also explore the common challenges faced by students: from procrastination to sleep issues; and from stress regulation to building resilience via active listening.

Rather than following the traditional classroom setup, the course encourages group discussions (guided by undergraduates), and critical thinking on the materials presented, enabling students to internalize the contents and to adjust their way of learning on their own.


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