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Journey to Well-being [Webinar series]

HKJSSP hosted a spring online webinar series called 'Journey to Well-Being'. Different psychologists, mental health therapists and youth advocates were invited to share their journeys. 

Christmas market @K11 art mall

Last Christmas, we set up our stall at K11 art mall to sell our merchandise, that promote psychology and mental health awareness. To highlight this event, some of our profits will be donated to provide free counseling services for students and to SEN centers.


Mental health booths @shopping malls

Our ambasssadors distributed mental health resources leaflets and exhibited mental health projects to the public in shopping malls

Breaking Code Silence
[ Mental Health Awareness Month 2022]

1. Bilingual Information Booklet on the Troubled Teen Industry 

Including a comprehensive introduction to the TTI, key statistics, and survivors’ sharing, the bilingual booklet aims to expand the knowledge community and further educate local communities where media coverage on the TTI is limited. 


2. Interviews with Survivors

Delivered through live webinars (eg. IG live/zoom) , participants are exposed to the realities of life under the TTI from a first person perspective.

3. A Documentary released via IGTV and YouTube

Bilingual video including background of the troubled teen industry, breaking code silence campaign, survivors' interviews etc. 

Christmas ornaments making

Our committee designed different Christmas ornaments with hopes to spread positivity to the mental health community. Our ornaments are sent to different psychiatric patients.

Mindfulness Day

Our Mindfulness day was held with hopes of providing a space for students to unwind and discover their inner self. Workshops such as pastel nagomi, zentangle,  art jamming were held. 

Career workshop (PsychBoost)

In collaboration with Expivotal, we hosted a career workshop. Topics such as CV writing techniques and interview skills were covered, and mock interviews were conducted to provide feedback to individual students.

Mentorship Program (PsychBoost)

Our psychology mentorship program connects professionals with tertiary students, and tertiary students with secondary students. We aim to provide students with further studies and career path advice. Program logbooks are designed to provide secondary students with basic psychology knowledge.

Taster event (PsychBoost)

Our psychology taster event aims to give secondary students a taste of psychology. Our taster consisted of sharing by our overseas directors and teaching sessions on memory and learning. Different psychology quiz, games and alphabet hunt were designed to make the event interactive.

Mental health awareness month webinars (2021)

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, HKJSSP launched a series of online webinars in collaboration with different psychologists, mental health professionals & advocates

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