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Board of Director (PsychBoost)

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Nicole Chan

Chief Director

As a student born and raised in Hong Kong, I witness the stress and pressure a child experiences since primary school, which deeply affect one’s mental health. Hence, after graduating with a Psychology bachelor's degree at the University of Surrey, I deliberately choose to study MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health at the University College London (UCL). As the Chief Director of PsychBoost, my main aim is to make sure every project and program runs smoothly. At the same time, I am more than happy to connect with local students who are interested in Psychology, and to provide assistance to those who are planning to study overseas especially in the UK!

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Kristen Lei


Kristen founded the Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology in 2020 and has been the sitting President since then. Her determination in promoting the understanding of psychology and the importance of mental health has earned her the Spirits of Hong Kong Award. Her work is featured on different press releases (eg. RTHK, SCMP). As an aspiring clinical psychologist, Kristen has a strong desire to serve others and accommodate different voices in our society. She hopes to empower young people who are passionate about psychology, transform their talents to better serve and impact those around them, and ultimately, pioneer meaningful change in mental health in our community.

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Eugenia Kam


Honorary UK Director

I am the Founder of PsychBoost and the Honorary Overseas Studies Director (UK). I am currently studying Master of Clinical Psychology at CUHK. As an individual who grew up in HK, I fully understand the challenges that local students may encounter with regards to overseas studies and am passionate about improving their wellbeing through mentoring. With knowledge of UK Psychology programs as well as experiences in Psychology research, entrepreneurship, consulting and marketing, I am determined to connect with, advise and assist local students in need. 


Adelaide Ng

Adelaide Ng is a junior in Chinese International School. Ever since she was young, her aspiration in life was to help others, assisting them in gaining confidence and satisfaction. Fortunately, she discovered the subject of psychology and the critical topic of mental health and these swiftly became her main areas of interest. Thus, Adelaide founded HKJSSP alongside Kristen with the hope of learning from fellow psychology enthusiasts while sharing her passion with others and raising awareness for mental health problems.


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Karen Ng

Honorary Local Director

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong. As someone who questions “how” and “why” people behave in certain ways, the study of psychology gave me insights as to how people think, feel and act both as an individual and as part of a social crowd in different social contexts. Studying psychology at an undergraduate level has fostered my interests in multidisciplinary approaches to the understanding of human interactions and brain sciences. It has been a stimulating exploration into the theories of the subject, providing me with a strong foundation to further my career goals as a clinical psychologist. My interests in clinical mental health, telepsychology and mindfulness-based interventions have also drawn me to take up numerous research roles to further my knowledge and expertise in the area. With extensive background in the admissions process (HK and UK) and psychological research, I am excited to get to know everyone and share my experience with you!

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Karen Ma

Program Director

Hello, I am Karen Ma, a second year undergraduate psychology student at University of Bath. The path of becoming a psychologist is known to be challenging so we hope through forming a close-knitted community in HKJSSP and PsychBoost, we can support one another throughout this path. I am extremely delighted to lead the Project Management team that will roll out many exciting projects this year. Please stay tuned to our events and I look forward to seeing you all!

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Katherine Cheng

Local Director

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. I always felt very unfamiliar and distant with Psychology as a field of study. I posed constant queries like “What is psychology?”, “Which school should I apply to?”, “What is there to do with a psychology degree?”. I am sure you, too have these questions in mind. That is why I would be more than glad to share my experience with you as a point of reference. Studying psychology may seem to be a bumpy road, but with our support, I am certain that you will be able to go through all the nooks and crannies with ease. Further developing your passion, and achieving a bright future in psychology. I look forward to connecting with more local students and mentors, in light of exploring the psychology world together!

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Janus Wong

US Director

I am a Psychology major with a potential minor in Economics at Vassar College, USA. Having studied in Hong Kong my entire life, attending a small liberal arts college has been an eye-opening experience. I am interested in social empowerment and justice through the lens of Psychology, issues in education, and business consulting and marketing. I look forward to getting to know local students who are interested in Psychology and sharing my experiences with you!

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Enya Chan

UK Director

I am currently a year 3 student pursuing Bsc Psychology at UCL. Taking the course at UCL has broadened my interest in the diverse fields of psychology. I am especially intrigued by developmental psychology and its tight interrelationship with our behaviour that emerges later in life. As a student born and raised in HK, I fully understand the worries and concerns we face in the uncertainties of pursuing psychology. The complications of applications and career paths may also hinder many that hope to apply to UK universities. As the Overseas Director (UK) of PsychBoost, I am committed to assist HK students in learning more about applications to UK universities and introduce the vast opportunities of pursuing psychology in both the UK and HK as an international student.

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Betsy Kwok

Head of Communications

Hello everyone! I am Betsy, the Head of Communications Team of PsychBoost and a UCL psychology student going into my second year. Since childhood, I have loved to observe people, wondering what they are thinking and why they would do certain actions. I am interested in how the brain affects our behaviour and health, with a particular interest in pursuing a career in clinical psychology. With mental health issues becoming increasingly prevalent, I’m glad to be a part of PsychBoost to help raise awareness of such issues and promote psychology. Looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming activities!

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