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Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology

The Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology (HKJSSP) is a registered student-run organization dedicated to serving secondary and university students with interests in psychology .Our mission is to promote psychology while raising public awareness and breaking the unspoken stigma on mental health issues, ultimately striving to improve social wellbeing.


HKJSSP provides a platform for psychology enthusiasts to explore the field, opening doors of opportunity for students to meet different people from diverse backgrounds and build bridges between students and the community. Through uniting and empowering individuals, we hope to allow teenagers to ignite their passion in psychology and reach their full potential whilst serving our community. Nevertheless, We will be holding various activities such as outings, camps, youth conferences, workshops, charity sales throughout the year. 


In the future, working hand in hand, we aim to build up a cohesive society and establish a better community support network.


PsychBoost is a sub-association of the Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology. Composed of a group of dedicated university students and psychologists , we provide a mentorship programme for secondary and university students in Hong Kong. Where we pair students up with local and oversea mentors based on their needs. PsychBoost also hosts academic workshops and assists students in job-seeking. ​Throughout the year, PsychBoost would publish different booklets, regarding overseas studies and career insights, aiming to cater to the needs of different students. ​


Assisting students to embark on their career journeys, together we hope to build a mutual support network in our psychology community.

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