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Our Executive Committee


Kristen Lei

Founder & President

Kristen founded the Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology in 2020 and has been the sitting President since then. Her determination in promoting the understanding of psychology and the importance of mental health has earned her the Spirits of Hong Kong Award. Her work is featured on different press releases (eg. RTHK, SCMP). As an aspiring clinical psychologist, Kristen has a strong desire to serve others and accommodate different voices in our society. She hopes to empower young people who are passionate about psychology, transform their talents to better serve and impact those around them, and ultimately, pioneer meaningful change in mental health in our community.

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Katherine Cheng

Vice President


I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at the University of Hong Kong. I always felt very unfamiliar and distant with Psychology as a field of study. I posed constant queries like “What is psychology?”, “Which school should I apply to?”, “What is there to do with a psychology degree?”. I am sure you, too have these questions in mind. That is why I would be more than glad to share my experience with you as a point of reference. Studying psychology may seem to be a bumpy road, but with our support, I am certain that you will be able to go through all the nooks and crannies with ease. Further developing your passion, and achieving a bright future in psychology. I look forward to connecting with more local students and mentors, in light of exploring the psychology world together!

Eddy Tam

Program Director

Eddy Tam is a third-year student at the University of Hong Kong majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology and counselling. Eddy has been volunteering and working with multiple organisations, and offering mental support to the disadvantaged, such as ethnic minorities and refugees, emotionally troubled teenagers, rehabilitated offenders, etc. With his experience in project incubation and service execution, Eddy aims to connect psychology students with the broader public by conceiving systematic projects as a program director, and finally to provide mental health care for the vulnerable as his lifelong ambition.

Natalie Chan

Marketing Director


Alyssa Lee

Administrative Director & Community Manager

Alyssa Lee is a third-year student at King’s College London majoring in Psychology. She understands that people are currently living in the special times of pandemic where mental health issues are more perceivable and impactful. With her interest in working in human resources, she is motivated in becoming an industrial-organisational psychologist to raise much-needed recognition of the importance of mental health in the workplace and to allow employees to achieve their full potential. Being the secretary, she aims to help exert her effort in promoting the importance of mental health through assisting in the organisation of events in society.

Non-Executive Committee

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Christy Ng


Christy has founded the Hong Kong Joint School Society of Psychology back in 2020 along with Kristen. After stepping down from the executive position, she remains passionate about the field and is currently doing the International Bachelor of Psychology programme at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Based in both Hong Kong and the Netherlands, she is aspired to be working in the psychology field in the future and specifically with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. She is sure that the society will continue to serve its aim of providing a platform for psychology enthusiasts and is looking forward to the day when mental health is truly acknowledged by the public.

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